Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Housewarming Present-Part I

I've been a little invisible lately. Just a little. What can I say, life is unexpected and sometimes you are just blown away with the wind. My blog got neglected, but I have vowed a regular schedule of new blog posts with new deals, coupons and updates on Brentwood Kitchen.

Reality is, with the economy continuing the plummet, we all need more deals and are all shopping less. Personally, I'm coupon searching more than ever before and definitely shopping less. But the inevitable housewarming party gifts still drive me to shop, yet more carefully and mostly online.

I always try to personalize my gifts a little bit and depending on my relationship with the individual I can determine what the best gift would be. What do you suggest is the best housewarming gift?

Below is a list of suggestions;

A casual friend;

Beautiful glass bowl, which is 8 inches in diameter. The price is only $4.29! I found this product through Nextag.com. The price is so low for this beautiful piece, you can add a few floating candles to decorate the gift.

A trendy friend;

Colors, colors, colors! French Bull accessories are all about color splash and fun. Their Mosaic Salad Servers make any salad taste better, if you ask me. Who would say not to salad served with something so fun looking? If you have friends who love color in everything, you have got to give these salad servers! Cost: $15. If you like, add a salad bowl to make it a set!

The tea lover;
Another colorful set-but one of my favorites. If this individual is young at heart, I recommend the solids tea set for 6-stylish and contemporary. The price is right at $24.99. A nice addition to this gift would be a variety of tea assortments. My friend recommends www.Harney.com --it can be a bit pricey, but apparently their teas are amazing.

The bachelor:

For men, anything alcohol related will work. Whether they are young and you bring Martini and shot glasses, or for older more refined gentlemen, wine glasses alongside a bottle of wine. You cannot go wrong. For under $20 you have a lot of choices in the department.

More to follow shortly......


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