Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Chic Cook

Face it cooks; we all like to look good when we are in the kitchen. There is something sexy about a woman who knows her way around the kitchen, and whips up a delicious meal. Be it for herself or her family but specially when she is entertaining.

In reality, cooking can be messy. Insert aprons. When I was growing up, my mom had many aprons, all colorful, but kind of ugly, quiet honestly speaking. And nowadays, when we entertain, who wants to wear something with plain cherries printed on vinyl? (YES VINYL!)

Insert Jessie Steele Aprons. My friend actually helped me stumble across this haute couture aprons. This mother-daughter team, decided to design aprons, reflectinga 40's and 50s era design and 'symbolizing the grace and beauty of a forgotton time'-as they so eloquently put it.

So how much are these aprons? They range from $39.95 to $29.99. Here are the best deals on my favorite selected designs:

Cafe Toile-This one is my favorite. So beautiful.

Brentwood Kitchen: $29.99 --Best deal
(Yes I have these in my inventory-I love them! My friend bought one, as soon as they arrived!)
Amazon: $32.99
Wrapables: $34.99

Brown & Pink Polka Dot-matching kids apron and pott mitt available $32.95

On my website, Brentwood Kitchen, also has the matching Children Brown & Pink apron, and pot mitt.

Plus gals, for all my blog readers, here's a special treat: a 10% off coupon. Just enter the keyword BkShopper at checkout!

"All aprons are made for the stylish chef and hostess. Heirloom quality Designer Hostess Apron constructed from a fine Linen/Cotton Blend. Ties at neck and wait for easy adjusting. Contrast Bias-trimmed at edges with a flattering Drop-Waist, and Flouncy Skirt. Exclusive Jessie Steele Designer Apron Collection. "


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Coupon Alert!

I just found these discount coupons. Shop away!

10% off $75 or more order when you use Visa card
Mikasa and Company Coupon Code : VISA080106
Expires: June 30

Linens N Things:
20% off single item
Linens N' Things Coupon Code : 265900000004
Expires: Dec. 31

$10 off orders over $75 (link redirects to Lenox page, with code already embedded when you purchase)
Expires: May 26

10% off any order
Horchow Coupon Code : NEWMOVE
Expires: Dec.31

Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's Magical

Ladies and Gents, may I propose, the magical trash can. Ta dah!

Deep down inside, we accept that trash cans are a faulty tool and have not been perfected. Step trash cans, break frequently, or are hard to maneuver after a while. Trash cans with swing lids, are messy as you have to hold the lid, while you are throwing trash in. And well, you cannot have one without a lid, because it is smelly, unhygienic, and if you have a pet-messy (again).

So imagine a trash can, that automatically opens as you are near it. Imagine a lid you don't have to hold open by either stepping on something, or manually holding it while you are throwing your trash away. Imagine throwing away trash to become a hygienic, bacteria free event.

Abra Kadabra: The Touchless Trash Can. Stainless steel, stylish design with infrared technology. When your hand reaches within 6 inches of the lid, the sensor commands the lid to open and it will remain open for the duration that you remain within those 6 inches. Once you move back, within 3-5 seconds, the lid automatically slowly closes.
There are buttons for manual operation (if you want to do it the boring way). It has an on/off button, for the infrared technology. This trash can makes throwing away trash, fun!

I read a variety of consumer reviews and they were all positive and described the item to be easy to use.

Now, let's talk $$$:
Target: $169.99 with free shipping, holds 18 gallons
Living Comforts: $79.00, holds 13 gallons
Best Brands Club; $69.99, *Special* holds 13 gallons

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Shop, Chop, Shop

Cutting herbs is not my forte. I was frustratingly attempting to cut parsley to add to a ground turkey medley for dinner when I decided to either never cut anything again (!!!) or find an easier way to do it.

So, I ventured onto a few sites, looking for a solution. Nowadays there seems to be a gadget for every cutting need, and look at the fun toy I found: Rachael Ray’s Furi Froggy Mezzaluna.

It has two blades, rubber handle and a half moon shape for a quick cut. Just put the blades over the item you want to chop, and rock it back and forth! The rubberized grip, makes it non-slip, and easy to use. It is supposed to cut anything from herbs to chocolate and nuts. Ooooh, I’m loving it.

It definitely looks like genius. Now let’s see how genius the price is. I found a variety of prices from $50 at bigger retail stores to $19.99 at (a shopping comparison network). The lowest priced options are;

1. Gold Violin $34.99 includes the froggy and a non-slip mat
PriceGrabber $ 18.99-$39.00 from different retailers, but all include froggy, cutting board and a non-slip mat (18.99 offered by Amazon)

$18.99 sounds like a good price to me! Let me know how you like it- I’m shop, chop, chopping away!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Welcome to my houseware shopper blog! I have decided to write about products that I find useful (and cute!) in the kitchen and my home. Not only ordinary tools, no! no! no!, but ones with pizzazz associated with them-cutting edge tools, at cutting edge discounts. (And did I mention cute!)

Why? Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated with houseware products. When I was a little, my mom would take me to ‘
Lorey’ (department store size version of Williams& Sonoma) to shop. Lorey is one of the finest stores in Frankfurt, for luxurious houseware needs, including everything from dinnerware to kitchen tools.

Yes, you read right, Frankfurt, as in Frankfurt, Germany. The Mecca of all stainless steel products (WMF knives!!!). So walking from store to store, would be a never ending delight. As she would shop for our household needs, I would run around the store and stare at their beautiful tableware, kitchen products and start building a registry in my mind -one that I would likely not purchase until years later. But the excitement continued with every visit. To this day, there are many moments etched in my mind, moments surrounded by crystal glasses, beautiful cookware, and designer dinnerware.

It must definitely also be genetic, as I grew up in a family filled with wholesale houseware distributors. Once you have those connections-how can you ever shop retail again?

Fast forward to today-a L.A. based college graduate and e-commerce professional-I am now starting to bring an old flame back to the present. The time arrived for me to shop from my fantasy registry, for my own home. Thus, I started looking for products to my heart’s delight. But it all came to a screeching halt when my bank account gave me a reality check!

So this blog here, is dedicated to all you lovers of beautiful houseware products but shop on a budget. I will post new products regularly (either from my
site, or others) with great deals. And I hope you let me know when you find great deals too!If there is anything you have our eye on, let me know and I will put my deal talents to work. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the products you use and deals you find.

Welcome to the Brentwood Kitchen Shopper!


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