Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's Magical

Ladies and Gents, may I propose, the magical trash can. Ta dah!

Deep down inside, we accept that trash cans are a faulty tool and have not been perfected. Step trash cans, break frequently, or are hard to maneuver after a while. Trash cans with swing lids, are messy as you have to hold the lid, while you are throwing trash in. And well, you cannot have one without a lid, because it is smelly, unhygienic, and if you have a pet-messy (again).

So imagine a trash can, that automatically opens as you are near it. Imagine a lid you don't have to hold open by either stepping on something, or manually holding it while you are throwing your trash away. Imagine throwing away trash to become a hygienic, bacteria free event.

Abra Kadabra: The Touchless Trash Can. Stainless steel, stylish design with infrared technology. When your hand reaches within 6 inches of the lid, the sensor commands the lid to open and it will remain open for the duration that you remain within those 6 inches. Once you move back, within 3-5 seconds, the lid automatically slowly closes.
There are buttons for manual operation (if you want to do it the boring way). It has an on/off button, for the infrared technology. This trash can makes throwing away trash, fun!

I read a variety of consumer reviews and they were all positive and described the item to be easy to use.

Now, let's talk $$$:
Target: $169.99 with free shipping, holds 18 gallons
Living Comforts: $79.00, holds 13 gallons
Best Brands Club; $69.99, *Special* holds 13 gallons


Irene said...

Nice! I hate touching the trash can. What an awesome find!

Grace said...

that's slightly creepy, but mostly awesome! i didn't know such a thing existed--nice find!

this has the makings of an awesome blog--keep up the good work!


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