Friday, August 14, 2009

Handbag hooks --a place to hang your bag!

I get very excited when I add new items to the store. In particular, the new handbag hooks designed by Luxe Link.

Picture it: You are out to lunch at a french cafe, find a great seat. The chairs are wick with a round back. Just comfortable enough and adding to the beautiful french bistro feel. But, where do you put your purse? You can't hang it on the chair, b/c it fall right off the rounded edges. Alas, you relent to parking your beautiful purse on the floor.

If you hate doing that as much as I do, then the handbag hooks are just the right thing for you. Just whoop out the handbag hook, hang your purse handles on the hook and attach the designer top to the table. And voila, problem solved.

I can tell you, there has not been a single time that I am out at a restaurant, with my purse hanging of my decorative handbag hook, and at least one person asks me about it.

My best friend bought it for me for my birthday. I must admit,when I first received it, I thought I would never use it. I put it on my large hobo, thinking it someday it may come in handy. The first time I used it, I became hooked. Now, if I do not have it with me (because my busy head forgets everything at some point), I hold my purse the entire time, instead of putting it down. I'm so used to not putting my purse on the floor anymore, that the mere thought of it, 'grosses' me out.

It's convenient, pretty, practical and every woman will use it.

I decided to carry a selection of these handbag hooks in my store (although it's not technically houseware related) because I love them so much. I hand picked the designs available and hope that you will enjoy them.

Needless to say, I'm offering them below retail value. Always a deal at Brentwood Kitchen.

Let me know how you like them. I look forward to your feedback.


Diana said...

I heart handbag hooks! Sometimes restaurants have them built in at the bar area. Better to be prepared and have your own, though! ;)

Ash said...

I love those handbag hooks! I'm lovin' they come in so many colours and patterns too!


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