Sunday, June 1, 2008

Customer Service is not history!

On Memorial day, I decided to make Creme Brulee for my Sex in the City brunch! Basically my closest friends came over for lunch with a hot dish of gossip served on the side. I began preparing the creme brulee the night before, and everything went so well until the next day, as I was preparing the finishing touches, my blow torch dies! My Williams & Sonoma blow torch dies!!!!!

I have used it a handful of times before and was so baffled. On top of being surprised, I was so upset, that my creme brulee won't be complete. I mean, we all love the sugar crust on top. Regardless, I ended up having to put a strawberry garnish (my friend's idea to the rescue!) and serve them without the sugar crust.

I went to Williams and Sonoma to return the blow torch. As soon as I described my problem, the sales associate attempted to figure out the problem for the next 10 minutes. He then showed another associate the problem. They told me shortly after, that there seems to be a leak and that they would gladly replace it for me. They were so sweet about it! I had no receipt, no box and I didn't even have to ask them! They brought me a new, upgraded and more expensive blow torch, apologized for the inconvenience and I was on my way!

I have had so many negative experiences lately with customer service, that this just blew me away. It is so nice to know there is a store that appreciates the customer. With that, I would like to encourage all of you to go visit Williams & Sonoma this week-one of the few stores that still offer true customer service!

I was going to post a coupon, but the Williams & Sonoma's summer sale started last week!

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giz said...

It's nice to see there's still a sense that the customer is king. Mind you - at W/S prices there better be good customer service connected to it.


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