Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stemless wine glasses, not just for wine

I finally bought them! I am so excited to share my latest purchase with you. Since I moved out of my parents house last year, I have been shopping little by little for my home. Thankfully, my roommate had furniture, so I was spared a big expense. Now I can spend my last cent on houseware items. Yes, I realize I can walk into my family's warehouse and pick and choose all I need, but they don't carry everything! In particular, I am referring to my latest purchase; the newly popular stemless wine glasses. Crate & Barrel Stemless Wine Glasses $1.95 per glass. Eligible for free shipping.
Ok, maybe not that newly popular, since they have been on the market for a while. I have been watching them for a while and awaiting a price drop. The other day, I visited Crate & Barrel with my mom and my uncle. We were walking around the store, just browsing. Towards the end of our visit, we came across them: the perfectly shaped stemless wine glasses. There they were, in all their loveliness, delicate shape and perfectly molded to fit your palm for $1.95 a pop. I looked at my mom and she saw the excitement in my eyes. My mom is always telling me that I spend too much money. On Sunday, she knew this was a battle she would not win. However, for her to actually approve of the items is a big deal in itself. She actually motivated me to buy them! I knew that was a sign from higher powers.

Well, who can deny a mother's wish? I didn't waste a minute and grabbed a sales associate. 20 minutes later, I walked out of Crate & Barrell with a sweet memory and owner of these new versatile and delicate stemless wine glasses.

The glasses are meant for serving wine, however, they are so simple and beautiful, you can use them for any occasion. I think they are very versatile, and I am planning to use them for regular drinks as well. In fact I used them a few days later, for a small dinner gathering and they were perfect. Some guests enjoyed wine with them, others their Diet Coke.

There is a variety of styles and colors available for you to choose from. Take a look at the following:

Acrylic Stemless Beverage Glasses $2.95 each, Crate and Barrel Outlet

Stars Glass $2.95 each, Crate and Barrel Outlet

And I was so happy to finally own a perfect set of glassware for any occasion.

Tip: If you create a wedding registry, they will send you a 10% discount coupon towards your purchases.


Clumbsy Cookie said...

Wow they're so cool! I bet they would be great to serve some dessert as well!

giz said...

I love these glasses and agree - the configuration is so simple yet so smart. Our first Crate and Barrel is coming to Toronto - I can't wait.

Irene said...

These are totally, totally awesome! Maybe I should break a few of mine just so I have an excuse to buy these......... hmmmmmm......... :D Seriously, though -- awesome.


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